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Custom Printed Swim Caps

Custom Printed swim caps come in a variety of options.  We can help you find the cap that fits your team's needs and budget.


A standard silicon cap is the most popular option.  Silicon is a thicker and a little more durable than latex., however latex can be a little less expensive.  There are multiple color options.  The fisrt step is to send us your highest resolution logo file today!


We can print individual swimmer names on each cap in your order if needed.  Adding names to swim caps will increase the production cost, but it's a nice touch that really professionalizes your team look!  It also helps new swimmers learn everyones name and parents identify their athlete in a pool full of swimmers!


Custom swim caps are available in a variety of base colors.  Choose the base color that best fits for your team.  Some lighter shade colors may have a little bit of transparency and this is normal.  If you want a totally opaque cap, we suggest choosing white, black, or a dark color as your base cap color.   

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COMET Cap.png

From Concept to Pool Deck

Send us your high resolution club logo and fill out the form below.  We will connect with you about your order and finalize all the details!

Swim Cap Price List

Swim Caps with Swimmers Name

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