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. “Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life forever.”– Amy Poehler

Being part of a team can be one of the most rewarding and important experience for social connections and well being.  We understand that the memories teams foster together may last a lifetime!  Having a solid team identity, colors, logos, look and feel especially in the water can enhance the overall connectedness and solidarity of a team. 


Let us help you figure out how to outfit your team with swimwear, gear, apparel and more!     

Ares Team Photo.png

Custom Print Swimwear

We have helped organizations of any size find the right option for their team.  A custom sublimated print allows a team total freedom of expression and can be offered in almost any color and design. 


This option takes a little longer than team solids swimwear, but the result is incredible!  We can help design your suit and take care of every aspect of the order.  We offer fit-kits in multiple brands so your crew can get the perfect fit.

Photo courtesy of the Ares Pentathlon & Fencing Club - Calgary

Team Solids

Do you want your gear a little faster? Or do you want a simple and clean look?  Team solids are a great option and sometimes it can save a little cost as well.  Jolyn & Finis offer some great men's & women's options that match.  There are other options to fit any budget.  Contact us today to inquire about team solids, heat transfer vinyl installation and swim caps to match it all!


Do you need names installing on your gear?  We can do that!   

Jolyn Team Graphic.png


Maybe your swimmers have specialized gear - need bags - snorkels, fins or other items.   We can help with that too.  Let's work together to figure out what you need, and we can make it super easy for parents and swimmers to log into our website and find all their needs in one place.  We can also put together into gear packages so everyone is on the same page for what's need for a successful training season.

“Every swim team should be so lucky to have Tri Hub as their suit and equipment provider!  Tri Hub anticipated our club's needs and addressed most of them before we even though of them. 


Tri Hub ensured that every aspect of our order was beyond expectation and leaned on his good relationship with suppliers to ensure everything was delivered on time and exactly as expected.  Tri Hub also provided us with the most incredible and unique design choices for our suits and parkas that made our club stand out aesthetically.”

- Equipment Manager - Cochrane Piranhas Summer Swim Club


We know there are other options available for team gear, but when you connect with us, you are supporting local small business and working with fellow swimmers! 


We will do everything we can to get it right so you can get back to making those awsome team memories!

- Lorin Inglis - Founder and athlete with Tri Hub Swimwear & Multisport

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