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Skin slick lubricant was designed to prevent chafing for everyday and athletic use. Cycling, running, walking, or swimming, chafing is bound to happen; skin slick has you covered. A single spray directly on problem areas, the spray acts as a second skin. 


  • 52ml spray application 



  • Waterproof / Sweatproof
  • Easy cleanup - soap and water 
  • Non-greasy 
  • Non-staining  - Safe on all fabric
  • Anti-chafe, anti-friction (bra, inner thigh, underarm)
  • Prevents blistering
  • Eliminates strap & pad chafing
  • Combats chamois chafing
  • Eases entry into wetsuits
  • Tech suits, shoes & ski boots
  • Clean spray / silky feel



Skin Slick is a must for runners (anti-chafe, anti-blister), cyclists (chamois chafing), and swimmers to help put on tight tech suits and wetsuits. With a spray on the legs, hip, and buttocks, your suit will slide on with ease.


Great for everyone: skin slick is a solution for everyday people who experience inner thigh, underarm, and bra chafing and blistering from any type of shoe. It works to prevent blisters caused by shoes and skin chafing as a result of clothing and friction.

Skin Slick - Skin Lubricant

SKU: RN-PI-TS0052ml
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