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CLEARANCE PRICED!!  Time to bring in a new line up of race suits and we need to move out these super sharp FINA approved Akron Tech suits. 


These suits are below cost.  A fantastic deal for a high quality women's race suit!


This fina approved racing swimsuit has been designed for maximum compression, speed and fit for the performance swimming athlete.


A great choice when maximum mobility and compression are needed.  Fabric produced in Italy by Mactex employs hydrophobic nanotechnology in the treatment of fabric fibers.  This makes the Ultraskin race suit super slick in the water.  With maximum stretch and ultrasonically welded seams the high compression makes the Ultraskin feel fast and perform incredibly from the starting block all the way to the last lap.


Akron has hit the mark in design with this striking race suit.  Available in Black with Carbon-Silver trim, or in Limited Edition Dutch Blue with Tangerine trim, this suit exceeds the demands for speed and practicality by adding an aesthetic that looks fresh, feels bold, emits energy and style as a top of class high performance racing garment.


The Ultraskin is a top performer and is a great choice for any athlete who takes their swimming seriously.  The Ultraskin race suit is appropriate for swimmers competing at local amature swim meets, through to olympians and olympic hopefuls.    

Akron l Ultraskin Racing - BLK w/Silver

295,00C$ Regular Price
170,00C$Sale Price
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