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Elite has taken all of Quick-Motion best features, such as Design, Floating system, comfort, and made it black, aggressive, sporty… but that wasn’t enough.

Why shouldn’t it be interactive?

Here’s NERO, Elite’s new interactive roller.

It merges Quick Motion’s innovation and Arion Digital Smart B+ interactivity.

Technically performing and with an appealing look, Nero has everything to ensure a fun and stimulating workout for the athlete.

It’s the first roller that features a flywheel (two flywheels really).

It gives you a fluid and natural riding experience.



NERO is an interactive roller that interacts with all kinds of apps, software, computers and devices (smartphones and tablets) with IOS, Android, MacOS and Windows.

It adjusts its resistance based on the training session you’re doing. Nero uses the ANT+ and Bluetooth wireless communication protocols to immediately send all training data to programs, apps and software.

Its ability to wirelessly communicate with most software and apps available gives cyclists the advantage of being able to choose among a range of different training sessions.

We suggest My E-Training (12-month free subscription) as it employs a variety of functions that can satisfy all cyclists, from beginners to experts.

Nero Quick Motion Interactive Rollers

SKU: CY-ELI-0162001
Color: Red
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