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JAKED | Women's Challenger Multi-thickness Swimming Wetsuit 

COLOR - Black w/ Yellow & White


NOTE: Red & White pictured is our men's option 


TECHNOLOGY & DESIGN The best technologies and the most advanced design for Jaked triathlon wetsuits, produced in collaboration with Salvimar, a leading Italian company in the bodyweight water sports sector. One-piece wetsuit with differentiated thickness, for triathlon and open water swimming.


For a perfect performance in training and especially in competition.


FEATURES 3.0 mm high density neoprene in the central area of the body to ensure warmth but also strength and compactness, 1.0mm neoprene in the arms for ease of movment.  



Best available technologies and high-end

design feature these Jaked triathlon

wetsuits, developed together with

Salvimar, an Italian leading company

in free body water sports equipment.


One-piece multi-thickness wetsuit,

for triathlon and open water swimming.

To achieve the best performances during

training and races.


Features ≥

≥ 3.0 mm high density neoprene in

the core area of the body, to guarantee

heat insulation, best compression

and high durability.

≥ 1.5 mm neoprene on shoulders, armpits,

forearms and lower legs, for maximum

elasticity of movement and quick removal.

≥ 4.5 mm high density neoprene, highly

compressive on thighs to increase


≥ 1.5 mm double-layer folded collar.

≥ JY Stretch inside lining to make the

wetsuit easier to wear.

≥ Heat tape system on the inside for a total

waterproof sealing.

≥ Professional zipper with salt resistant

metal slider.

Women’s and men’s specific cuts ensure

both comfort and high technical


JAKED | Women's Challenger Multi-thickness Swimming Wetsuit

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