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The Mesh Gear Bag is a convenient way to store all swim equipment. The Mesh Gear Bag is made of a durable nylon mesh material that lets air flow freely for fast drying, and includes a pull drawstring that securely closes the bag. A small zip compartment safely stores smaller items such as goggles or a Tempo Trainer Pro. The Mesh Bag includes a hook attachment for easy transportation and storage. A waterproof name tag helps identify the Mesh Bag and prevent theft. Machine Washable. Dimensions: 30" x 18" (76cm x 46cm)




  • DURABLE MATERIALS: Nylon and Polyester mesh allow for fast drying
  • SMALL ZIP COMPARTMENT: Conveniently stores smaller items you want during your swim workout
  • DRAWSTRING: Securely closes bag while you are in the water
  • HOOK ATTACHMENT: Allows for convenient storage anywhere around the pool
  • WATERPROOF NAME TAG: Helps identify bag and prevent theft

FINIS | Mesh Gear Bag

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