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Triathletes often practice front crawl almost exclusively, neglecting kicks and strokes that can aid in building core and overall strength in the water.  The evo monofin builds your core and breaks the routine!


The Evo is the first and only short-blade monofin designed to teach swimmers an efficient dolphin kick, build muscle memory, and create perfect body position in the water.


Finis achieved the goal of designing a monofin that supports a natural dolphin kick by enabling ankle movement. This allows swimmers to be able to wear a monofin for longer periods of time without slowing kick tempo and stroke rate. With a short blade and independent foot pockets, swimmers can easily adapt to the fin and enhance the performance benefits. This creates a smoother transitional period when learning new muscle memory skills or breaking old habits.




  • ANGLED FOOT POCKET DESIGN: Allows swimmers to keep a natural dolphin kick, with the feet angled in on the down-kick and out on the up-kick
  • SHORT BLADE INCREASES TEMPO: Enables a quick tempo during underwater dolphin kick and increases stroke rate during full-stroke butterfly
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Prevents skin irritation and tension
  • EXTRA RESISTANCE: Fin builds muscle on the up-kick and generates a powerful kick cycle
  • MUSCLE MEMORY: The combination of a short blade and separate, angled foot pockets creates a smoother transition when developing muscle memory or breaking old habits

FINIS | Evo Monofin

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