We love sharing our passion for swimming & multisport and believe great equipment can make the difference between just doing sport and loving sport.  We are all about living and training simply, and that is why we only carry unique, high-quality products that will enhance any athlete’s training experience.


At tri hub, we have a simple philosophy - no matter how you train, you should feel good about it! We want to help you train happy.

trihub.ca was officially launched after forming a partnership with Akron Italia, one of Italy’s leading fitness and performance swimwear manufacturers.  As the first to bring Akron swimwear to the Canadian triathlon and swimming market, tri hub is uniquely positioned to bring something fresh and exciting to both Canadian and American swim culture!


We are triathletes and love triathlon... but the store is focused on more than that.  We have a special passion for swimming, which is why we cater to swimmers and swim teams too!  We also carry a line of swimwear not sold anywhere else in Canada.  Our goal is to provide unique and functional, high-quality swimwear and accessories for cycling, running, and nordic ski.  Whether it's multisport or just one sport, we've got you covered. 


The name Tri Hub sounds like a shortening of the word triathlon, however, the name and triple dots of the logo are symbolic of three attributes: passion, desire, and reason.  In ancient Greek philosophy, these human qualities were a part of a theory of mind, behavior, life, and happiness.  Greek thinkers also brought these concepts into their approach to athletics.  


In celebration of this age-old sporting legacy, as athletes, we know how important passion, desire, and reason are for success; these qualities could also be interpreted as strength, will, and planning - something every athlete (or parent) understands!  And so, these attributes became the inspiration for the "Tri" of Tri Hub.   


"Hub" makes reference to the community, an important part of human flourishing and happiness.  At Tri Hub, we believe in sport as a way to connect people and add to the overall wellbeing of the community.  


Tri Hub and trihub.ca are divisions of

Lokkë Motion Enterprises Ltd.

We are online only at this time!

Our mailing address is:

135 Tuscany Springs Gardens NW,

Calgary, AB, T3L 2R4 



Office hours:

Mon-Thurs 9:00 am-4:30 pm

Friday 9:00 am-2:oo pm

Saturday & Sunday - Closed 


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  • Products for Swimming, Cycling Running, Nordic Ski, and Triathlon 

  • Kiosk sales (various locations or look for us at events)

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  • Athlete Sponsorship Program (coming soon)