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My name is Lorin Inglis and I am your Bios Triathlon Club Facilitator. I prefer the term facilitator over “coach” because I like to think of my role as facilitating your triathlon experience rather than as a coach in the traditional sense. I have been involved with amature running and Triathlon for 15 years and have a special passion for swimming and running. In 2019 I founded the MRU Triathlon Club (now Bios Triathlon Club) and have worked as Program Coordinator with the Triathlon Alberta High Performance and Development Team. My personal training philosophy leans more on the phenomenology of sport (what it feels like to experience a particular workout and what the recovery feels like). I also embrace technology in certain contexts, such as swim video analysis for example. I continue to participate as an athlete in countless running and triathlon events across BC, Alberta and abroad! My favorite events are the Sprint Triathlon Distance and the 10km road race.

Lorin Inglis

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