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Please note that there has been a price increece for Leader Fins do to shipping and import fees. 


Shipping cost per fin is ~ $65 

Import tax is ~ $20 

This has been built into the Candian price of the fin.


LEADER | Rescue Lifesaving Fins - 150

Leader Fins are custom made to order fins that come with small neoprene socks as part of the package.  Please use the size chart and fit notes to determine the corrcet size!  


- High quality lifesaving fins without angle.
- The blade is made of high quality multilayered fiberglass.
- Rubber rails attached to the blade provide maximum efficiency in water flow redirection.
- Soft and comfortable foot pockets from rubber.
- Weight ~ 1,4 kg
- Recommended blade width: 22, 23, 25 and 28 centimeters
- Fins length with foot pockets size XL ~ 63cm (XXXL - 65cm)

Neoprene socks protect your feet and make swimming more comfortable.
Fins accepted by the International Lifesaving Federation.



In order to choose a proper blade stiffness such parameters as diver’s weight, physical shape, personal preferences, type of diving and diving conditions should be considered. One of the easiest ways to select a blade stiffness is according to your weight and physical shape.


We advice:

  • Up to 55 kg 70 kg - Soft 
  • Up to 90 kg - Soft or Medium blade stiffness - depending on your goals, personal preferences and physical shape
  • Up to 100 kg - Medium blade stiffness
  • Over 100kg - Hard 

- NOTE: Most swimmers will find hard and extra hard blades a little difficult to work with.  Most swimmers choose a soft or medium stiffness unless they weigh over 100kg.    



WATER NINJA | LEADER Rescue Lifesaving Fins - 150

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