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The Trail Butter, Original Trail Mix Blend 33 gram package is a perfect grab and go option for runners, cyclists, swimmers, or anyone who wants the convienience of a rich natural nutrition hit, without feeling full or bloated.  All natural ingrediants make it a great choice for purists of sport & nutrition.  


Original Trail Mix Blend has taken the simple, tried and true ingredients of a classic trail mix and blended them up into a subtly sweet, almond & sunflower seed butter, packed with good fats thanks to coconut oil, and 20g of protein per pouch.


A touch of semi-sweet chocolate, clover honey, and dried cranberry chunks finish this blend off with a burst of sweetness or zing of tanginess, depending on the bite.


Original Trail Mix gives a real-food nutrition boost to any snack, on or off the trail.

Trail Butter | Original Trail Mix Singles - 33g

PriceFrom C$3.50
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