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  • Custom order apperal generally takes about 5-6 weeks to arrive after orders are finalized.  
  • Team Swimwear is available for order at any time of the year.  Minimum Order quantities range and are dependent on which brand is preferred.  Some of our partners can do a custom order for one - others require more.  The best place to start is by contacting us and letting us know what your team's needs are.  
  • Triathlon suits and Bíos Triathlon custom order apparel are ordered in bulk on specific dates.  The next intake of orders is to be announced soon.  Please email us with inquires.  
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Triathlon Team Tri-Suits & Special Order
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Swim Teams Custom Swimwear 
Teams Portal Coming Soon.  Email Us With Inquiries. 
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Tri Hub Triathlon Suit
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Bíos Tri-Suits & Special Order Apparel

Cycling . Running . Eyewear 

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